Your Trek Journey Begins Here! We’ve got the perfect challenge to help you get moving! All Trekkers complete our 20 in 30 Jumpstart walking challenge – a fun way to get started with GirlTrek. Completing the challenge is a rite of passage into the movement! Just head to, click “Get Started”, download the “Trek Start” guide, lace up your walking shoes and get moving! We’re here cheering you on and we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line, with a pair of golden shoelaces, to officially welcome you to Team GirlTrek!

And it looks like this! Our Photo of the Week:

Family in training! Joy and her two daughters. Houston, TX.

    Testimony of the week: Pamela Wyatt
    "I did not realize how much more spiritual it feels to walk outside in the beautiful weather! I believe there is a life lesson here. Coming out of a very dark depressing winter here it Chicago makes a beautiful spring day seem exponentially beautiful! We learn to really appreciate the good times in our lives after we have been through the rough times!"